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Terms of use

Condiciones de uso



The objective of Matute 11 is to guarantee a calm and comfortable atmosphere for its clients during their stay. In order to obtain this, a set of conditions have been made that are applicable to all the reservations made. The reservation implies the acceptance of these conditions. Matute 11 keeps the right to change these conditions.


The price of the apartments depends on the number of people in the apartment. The minimum stay is of 2 nights, except special dates where the minimum stay may increase.


In order to reserve an apartment you must first check the availability in our website or directly by telephone. In case the apartment is available, you can make the reservation directly through our system filling in the form and giving us your credit card details which will be used to pay the bond and as a cancelation guarantee. The same process can be done using Fax.

We will contact you once the availability has been checked and, in that case, we will ask for a payment in advance of 25% in concept of reservation and bond which can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.


If you cancel within 24 h. before arrival no cancellation fees generated.

Failure to appear at the scheduled time of arrival, would cease the obligation to book the apartment by MATUTE 11 , loss of 100% of delivered advance, when this was not occupied within 12 hours of the day in question. Any incident on the arrival time must be informed as soon as possible via the Internet, fax or telephone.

Cancellations that are not made within 24 h. Prior to the time of arrival, were loaded as a day stay of the client.


Payment will be made in Euros on arrival. Paument can be made in cash or with credit/debit cards.

Cards accepted include VISA, Mastercard and 4B

Arrival and Departure

The apartments do not have a reception, for this it is very important that you specify the expected arrival time so that our personnel can receive you on time and on departure give you back the bond.


The entry in the apartments will begin from 14.00. However, please indicate the expected arrival time so that our personnel can attend you adequately. Arrivals after 21.00 will have a charge of 20€ from Monday till Thursday and 30€ on weekends

On arrival to your apartment, the personnel from Matute 11 will be waiting for you to welcome you, do the check-in, sign the contract, give you the keys and inform you of the functioning of all the equipment in the apartment and help you out with any further doubts you might have.

In case the client does not arrive on time, Matute 11 will no longer have the obligation to reserve the apartment with the loss of the reservation payment in case the apartment has not been occupied 12 hours after the time fixed for its occupation.


Departures will be before 12.00. However, please do indicate the expected departure time so that our personnel can coordinate with you the inspection of the apartment, give you back the bond and the keys. Departures before 8.00 will have to leave the keys and our personnel will inspect the apartment in order to give you back the bail. If this bail has been given in cash, it will be returned by a money transfer, if it has been given by credit card it will be reimbursed in the credit card with which the payment was made.

We reiterate it to ensure a good service, it is necessary to report their arrival and departure time through our website at least 24 hours in advance. If it were not possible we will provide you with the phone number where to send an SMS or make the timely call at least 4 hours in advance.

On your departure, the apartment must be in perfect conditions, with all the furniture and equipment as describes in the contract. We also advice you to take all your personal belongings back with you.

In case the apartment is not left within the period specified you will be subject to the general terms and conditions as established in the contract.

Terms of use of the apartments

The desire of a conformable stay at Matute 11 means we have to be especially respectful with the rights of all the residents in the apartments, for this, the following terms must be complied:


It is especially important not to make too much noise form 21.00 onwards

Parties in the apartment are not allowed

Meetings in the hall and corridors must be avoided, as much as possible, from 21.00 onwards


Matute 11 is not responsible for the objects left inside the apartment. Although Madrid is not a dangerous city, you must look out for thieves on the streets as some tourists do suffer from the occasional theft.

Do not let anyone inside the building you do not know even if they coincide with you at the door. Please be sure to close all doors and accesses to the apartments and make sure to close your apartments with the keys provided.

The apartments are equipped with safety locks, but it is always important to extreme the security procedures in order to enjoy your stay in Madrid as much as possible. As an extra security measure, the apartments have security cameras installed in the halls that work 24 hours a day.


Smoking is only allowed in the apartments made for that use. It is forbidden to smoke anywhere else in the building.


It is forbidden to use the apartment for purposes different than its residential use.

Any damages made to the equipment and goods inside the apartment will have to be notified immediately to Matute 11, the client is responsible for this damage and its cost will be discounted of your credit card.

The client is subject to a responsible and respectful behaviour in a residential apartment. Matute 11 reserves the right to ask the client to leave the apartment in case of misbehaviour.


On your arrival, the apartment will be completely clean; we expect it to be this way on your departure.

The apartment has an additional cost of 30€ for cleaning on your departure. For stays over 7 nights, these do include the cleaning service and bed linen and towels for an additional 20€.

On departure, the client must leave the apartment in a reasonable state, if that is not the case, an extra 20€ may be reclaimed.

Towels and bed linen

On arrival, you will be given a set of 2 towels per person and clean bed linen for the number of people staying in the apartment. No bed linen can be offered for cots.

Elements included in the apartment

Matute 11 will offer the apartment with all the commodities and services announced. In case on your arrival some of the announced elements are not in place, the client can ask for a compensation.

Entry registration

On arrival a registry of entrants will be made. For this purpose, an entry form must be filled in with all the information related to the people staying in the apartment.


Matute 11 will not be responsibly for damages caused by elements outside of its control.